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The Sword

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Jun. 19th, 2005 | 08:34 pm
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posted by: flightofpassage in subetanlives

Hmm. Got my first battle weapon yesterday, an "Aqua Lite Crystal Sword." It looked very formidable, but I wondered - how would it work? I swung it at a tree, just to test.

Surprisingly, that sword did not slice through the tree as it could easily have done. Instead, when I looked up at the tree's leaves, they were drooping and unhealthy - not dead, but not exactly at the prime of life, either.

"This is cool," I murmered to Zee. "It seems like it doesn't kill, only saps life strength." He nodded.

Its blue and yellow clashed with my purple and white.

"Maybe if you brought it to the wizard, he would change its color for you," suggested Zee. We went to the Sacred Land, Zee perched on my shoulder as I carried the sword awkwardly. It was too big for me.

Upon reaching the wizard's abode, waiting, and asking him very politely for the favor of changing the sword in exchange for a quest, he simply smiled and answered, "I don't think you want to do that."

"Why not?" I asked, surprised and a little disappointed.

He kneeled down on the floor next to me. "Your weapon is magic, and magic knows."

I must have looked quite confused, because the wizard went on patiently. "Swords and other battle weapons have personalities, just as any companion does," he smiled. "If you treat it as a companion - one who you're satisfied with as he is - then it will perform well for you, if and when you do battle. If not..." he trailed off. "Well, I can't say it has free will, but I think you'll find it performing in ways that make life harder for you."

I nodded in understanding.

"Now," he said, standing up, "A great way to start off with a sword is a name!"

"A name?" I asked blankly.

"A name," he said. "Pick one. Any one. Excalibur had one, lots of swords have one." I thought for a moment and chose Gwydion. The wizard grinned.

"Ah, a Welsh name for magic. Wonderful choice. Now, I have a gift for you..." he handed me a short sheath.

"Thanks!" I gasped, and, upon closer inspection, "...But I think it might be too short."

"Nonsense!" The wizard told me to sheath the sword, and I discovered that the sheath magically held the whole length of the sword.

"That's much better," I said, satisfied. "Thank you."

"I noticed you were having trouble carrying that. I know, it's awkward."

"How about I name the sheath, too?" I said.

"That's a fine idea."

I thought again, and finished with, "Gyan. Hindi for knowledge."

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